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Verity Sandahl

Meet the Author

Welcome to my page! I’m so glad you are here.

God, the perfect Author, is writing the ultimate story where He saves His bride, the church, and brings her to Himself.

Every other story is most beautiful when it reflects the one story.

Therefore, stories must portray redemption, courage through faith, and sacrificial love.

These are patterns that God has woven throughout creation. 

And since humans are both physical and spiritual beings, these patterns are best understood through stories that connect the physical and spiritual worlds.

Correctly reflecting truth in fiction helps us to make spiritual connections and grow in our faith.

All stories are faith-based stories, but only faith in Christ saves us.

My name is Verity Sandahl. I hold degrees in English and Bible and trace the patterns of God’s grace through story. My ideal day is spent at my home in Minnesota, home-brewed coffee in hand, watching the snow fall with my renaissance man of fifteen years and my ten talkative children.

The Power of the Pawn (Coming October 2024)

Is God in control when the world has gone mad?

Weeks after father’s death. Lady Avelina is forced into marriage with a common miller, a man who murdered her father’s knights and aided her traitorous stepbrother. When the king, the church and her guardian betray her, Lina must determine if was they or God who lowered her station.

And how is her hedge-born husband so well educated? What is he hiding from her?

Sir Fredric, the second son of the earl of Kensington, laid down his sword two years prior, desiring peace with God and man, but when his friend offers him a chance to protect the Lady Avelina by marriage, he agrees, knowing he will soon need to pick up his sword again.

Can he persuade Lina to love him despite her belief that he is a lowly miller?

And when he discovers their enemies are allied, can he save his wife and child before his wicked brother, the future earl discovers the true terms of his marriage?

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